THE SUV GAVE US PLENTY OF ROOM AS IT PASSED ON AN EMPTY COUNTRY ROAD.  The weeds growing beneath the oak tree  canopy smelled nothing like the weed inside the Toyota Highlander.  Weaving through the turns, irony lingered.

That's country life for ya...
A few homes here and there.
Fewer cars.
A hungry coyote loping along the yellow line.
... and Pete and I, scouting an epic HUNKR course.

 Mike saw my Strava uploadWhat did you think? 

I think it's an amazing area.  Beautiful.  A combination of Silverado and Mojeska Canyons.  Gentle, twisty rollers with an occasional heckuva pitch to get over.  Much of the course is shielded from the sun by old, friendly trees.  The road surface is glassy, minus a couple of miles that are "privately maintained".  There are a total of 3 stop signs:  two right hand turns; one four-way stop.

The school I thought could work for the Start/Finish is perfect, except it lacks parking.  The ranch across the street has a field with potential.

Is it going to be an easy course?
Is it going to be fast?
Is it going to hurt?
All I can confirm is you're going to get high and smile all the way down.

The School

 The playground

The ranch


Save the dates:  HUNKR 9/29, 11/10 – TMWC 7/10
172.4 (intermittent fasting?... more like intermittent fatting so far)