I HIT IT FOR UTAH TODAY.  Last second change of plans, starting with a 48 mile MTB race tomorrow at Brian Head...

... the top of the course is 11,000'.

Not Leadville,
a 1000' lower,
and 56 miles shorter.

A lot, lot more single track.  
Really fun, flowy, bermy stuff through the Aspens.

Which is why I think it will take about 4.5 hours,
hopefully, a little less.

Can't wait!

How'd I get here?

Waking up at the crackodawn and driving 8 hours isn't ideal daybefore raceday prep.

Before doing the openers, and dinner, I decided to check into the AirBnB I'd opted for...

... it was billed as a resort.

Yes, a resort for junk stashed everywhere...

... even in the Shangre-la room.

in a small town,
on the hight plains of UT.

Yes, I could have stayed up at the Lodge in Brian Head, but...

... I figured 6000' was high enough in one day.

Here's the thing.

I love this little town of Parowan, with it's Main and Center Streets, tons of historical buildings...

... and, of course, The Parowan Cafe.

The openers were tougher than usual.  
Lack of O2 for sure.

The afternoon squall brushed by,
cooling of the roads with a light drizzle.

Dinner at the Cafe was on par.

All in all, I'd say this day has been a 10.

I'll be in this kit tomorrow, check this out... if you like it, send me an email and if you can answer the secret question I'll get you a special code.



UTAH FRIENDS - I'm coming up, here's my schedule - hit me up if you want to join us.

Saturday 19th - Brian Head Endurance Race

Tuesday 22nd - Alpine Loop from AF side at 7:30, mandatory Sundance Cookie is on me.

Wednesday 23rd - Afternoon MTB Park City

Thursday 24th - Afternoon Heber Road Group Ride

Friday 25th - openers in Park City time in the AM, some sorta dinner together in Cedar City

Saturday 26th - BWR


7 hrs
No strength work today
10 minutes recovery
30 minutes reading + Journaling