THERE'S A NEW PADWAN IN TOWN.  He's addicted.  He's riding a ton.  Therefore, I shall call him Miles.  Like all enthusiastic riders he shall live or die by his miles.

His biggest problem is he's actually an athlete. He just concluded his college football career.

Let the record show,
any college athlete with limited training,
will quickly blow past the experienced rider
who was merely a high school athlete
or no athlete at all.

It will be almost impossible for Miles to cut back on the miles, especially the going-hard miles.  He can already see the direct correlation between miles and speed.  Intuitively, more hard miles will always equal more speed.  Plus, he's used to suffering.  He's used to running until he pukes, lifting weights to complete failure, etc.  

Today he came to ask the The Old Diesel how it's done.

How do I train?

Well, it's like this. 
First, if it ever stops being fun take a break. 
Second, you must ride easy to be able to really ride hard.  70% of your time should be like right now... conversational, easy, Zone 2.
Third, if it ever stops being fun take a break.

That's it?

That's it for now Miles.  Screw it up and you'll be chasing an old diesel all summer, or quit all together.  Got it?

Got it.

It's not the piles of miles,
It's what you do with them Miles.

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  • Stephanie Ex on

    Excellent advice to Miles
    Applies to life in so many ways!

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