A FEW YEARS AGO, I HAD THIS CRAZY DREAM  to start a racing format called HUNKR.  It stood for Hundred Kilometer Race.  I learned the expensive way that race promotion is a tough way to make a buck.  That was the bad part, but I also learned a ton of things along the way.

Yes, we had hundreds of people race...
Yes, the local speedsters - pros and national champs showed up...
Yes, the courses we spectacular.
Yes, an after party.

Yes... terday, I had a few hours midday and ripped around the county.  Just over three hours later I came in super stoked.  On a high.

3ish hours, stomping on the pedals is my sweet spot.  

The route I'd put together as I went along, linking bike trails and little used roads, had only a couple of obeythelaw stops.  Which left me in the zone the entire way. And, wound up to be exactly 100k.

The Old Clydesdale commented on my Strava post with one word: Hunkr.

Which reminded me of the point of HUNKR... to give people a way to race each other as well as chase their PRs.  Runners do this all the time - sign up for mass start race, train together, then go race and reach for their PR. 

The number one thing I learned is people really like the HUNKR format... we just don't have that in bike racing.

I wish we did.

Will I ever resurrect HUNKR?


In a renegade, undertheradar, nopermits, inviteonly, braggingrightsonly, badass sorta format.

Until then, we are closing out the remaining jerseys... practically giving away the classiest event jersey I've ever seen or made... so we don't have to move them to  our new, shiny location.


No promo code - deals are too good, unless you're part of the PEDALposse and have your super code.



166.6 lbs 
Stretch n Roll
8 hours sleep

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