KUDO TO YOU... there's a lot I like about Strava, so much so that I've paid for their service for years simply to support them... 'cause honestly, I couldn't make helmets or shifters outta their premium offer.

But, the thing I like most is it to take a few minutes from time to time and comment on a friend's outstanding ride.  There's a lot of this going on on the Stravs and it's pretty darn cool... probably the best part, all that positivity.

I'm not sure if forcing people to pay for "their most popular feature" is the right way to go... but that's essentially what they've done by hiding all the segment times but your own and the top 10 should you not have the 5 bones a month they want from ya.

I think a choice ala Spotify to have paid/adfree or free with ads would be cool... even as a payer, I wouldn't mind seeing really relevant ads from time to time in my feed.  For sure kids, the budget conscious, and others would opt for the free with ads version.  

Without a quality free version, will Strava's domination of segment data be hollowed out?... leaving just richguy data?  Will another platform come forth?  Will people move to Garmin's app?

Time will tell...

... speaking of time, I'm really loving the longer days and the chance to ride long into the evening...

... and when I do, I roll out with 2 water bottles like this


 Which you can have delivered to your door for a whopping... sit down before I tell you how much this is going to set you back... I mean, you know we haven't been able to make bottles for 10 weeks now right?...

Use promo code:  KUDOS

Code expires after the next 10 sets of bottles have been ordered... except for the PEDALposse.



Production is back up and running, most custom orders placed prior to 4/1 will ship week of 5/18, custom orders placed in April will ship towards the end of the month, custom orders placed now will ship in approximately 4 weeks from art approval.


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