AFTER ONE OF THE FINEST HOURS OF SINGLE TRACK DESCENDING - that's one trail, straight down, for an hour - I'm feeling very renewed.  We came here for that experience, but I didn't expect the back drop we found...

... you see, the trails have been rebuilt since the '17 fire.

When stepping into George's Ski Shop it's easy to be blinded by the success of the place.  There is plenty of inventory, a casual confidence in the friendly faces, great rental equipment and expert trail guiding.  

They are busy.

The part we aren't seeing is the vision that people like George Hartlmaier and his decedents have had, and need to succeed, since the 1960's.

It's not always like this.

There are shut down summers, like '18 and '19, when the trails are closed due to fire damage and the subsequent excessive erosion.  There are winters when the snow is so sparse you'd think only a fool would subject themselves to the whims of nature.

It takes vision and passion to see beyond the immediate impossibilities at what could be...

... which is exactly why we have the treasure of George's Ski Shop.

I say treasure, because without people like the Hartlmaiers our journey today would not have been the same.

Mike, George Jr.'s son-in-law, picked us up from the bottom of the trail just after 9am.  He drove us to the top of Brianhead peak, 11000' feet.  Along the way, he shared tips for navigating the forest and his custom tailored map. 

At some point he said,

The burn area is kind of cool.  I mean it's not cool it burned, but it's cool to see nature coming back.  The aspens are about chest high now. Plus, the trails have been rebuilt better than before.  Better lines, berms and jumps.

I couldn't agree more with his assessment.  

There are a number of trails that lend themselves to George's shuttling service.

We'll probably do this one, Bunker Creek, again tomorrow.

It's that good.

But, it's only that good because of good people with great passion. 

There are countless people like this up here.  It's the same vibe and quality product at the Burger Barn... which is where the Bunker Creek Trail ends.

If you're ever passing through, I highly recommend you take a day or two to shred the gnar!..

... and remember, even the worst disasters like the fire of '17 have a seed of equal or greater blessing waiting for us.

Just like the trails were waiting for us this morning after yesterday's rain showers.  They were perfect.  Tacky. No dust.  Fast.  Flowy.


It was a perfect morning for the KOM jacket because it was chilly at the top.  Along the way, after getting our blood flowing and the sun getting higher we tucked them into our back jersey pockets.

This is one of my most favoritest creations.

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9 hrs (again!)
Stretch and HyperVolt

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