PERHAPS THE MOST OVERLOOKED SKILL IN BIKE HANDLING, and the cause of many an ohcrap moment, is the ol' hangloose, holdtight. I think it's overlooked, because it's rarely taught... 

I was reminded of it yesterday when I received this message from PEDALposse member Michael F.

Just got a gravel bike, have had a few break in rides.  I've quickly learned that it's not a simple as pedaling hard.  There are obstacles, you can't just get into a zone (have to look and think ahead all the time).  That said, it's fun (at times), and I know it will become a lot of fun after I develop a more "gravel" skill.  Any tips for a pure road cyclist (no MTB background) looking to enjoy the trails around Santiago Canyon?

First tip is hangloose, holdtight, and it's applicable to all riding.

Your upper body should be loose, your arms especially.  This will let the power of the terrain flow through you and be energizing vs jolting.  Think of your arms as wet spaghetti noodles.

Your hands should have a firm grip on the bars, with noodle arms.

I learned it reading Zen And The Art Of Archery - it's short, and profound... about an American archer who travels to Japan and gets his schooled by little old men, and the secret he learned about recruiting just the right muscles.

Second tip is look as far ahead as you can. 

Your body will remember what to do.  Most people new to riding offroad look straight down.  It's a bad habit that will have you focusing on the obstacles rather than the goals... never bueno.

I learned that from Moses - Where there is no vision, the people perish.

Another reason people perish is because their tires are in terrible shape... and guess what I don't want to move to the new location?



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