MOST OF MY WRENCHING IS SELF-TAUGHT.  My tools, a mishmash collection in what looks like an old school doctor's bag.  When bikes were less awesome I did a lot my own work for the simple sake of I was faster and usually better than the shop.

But, now the bikes are so much better... and so much more complicated.

What does break or need adjustin' usually requires special tools I might only use once... assuming I even know what to do.  So I don't buy the tools and a let a pro do what I can't.

Lack of practice = skills lost.

I put what's left of the ol' skills and tools to use today.

Not on the bike.  The car.

Battree was dead.  Alternator good.  AAA wanted $125 + installation and tax.

Hmmmmm, me thought.  Costco.com.  72 bones.

Busted out the 10mm socket wrench, which you would only have if you worked on fancy international bike parts... well, that's my excuse.  Hauled the old battree over and picked up the new one.

Plopped it in.  Cinched 'er down.  Fired up real dandy.  Like a champ.

Time to sell it.

Even though this car has carried me to numerous podiums and excellent rides, I don't expect you to want it.  I'm mean who'd want mojo like that?

'12 Acura TSX Wagon - comes with bike rack, surf rack and PEDALindustries stickers.  100k miles - just turned over.  $12k

I'm living the life a van man now... finally got that van I've been threatening for so long.


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