GRAVITY, YOU'RE BRINING ME DOWN sings the great John Mayer.  In the physical world, that is, of course, true.  But, you and I know...

... gravity also brings us up.

On our ride today, I learned one of the crew is checking in for their first round of chemo on Tuesday - no, I'm not going to tell you who.  I just happened to be lucky enough to tag along.

These are things we do when one of us has an untimely breakdown.

We get together.

We go for a ride.

The gravity of the situation is alleviated by the good vibes of the ride, the love and respect of the riders for each other...

... while busting the ups and ripping the downs.

This one tough cat, and will come out of chemo and head on to do the full LT100 in a few weeks.

Gawd, I love that.

In the live version of the aforementioned song, Mayer opens with...

... I have dreams.

We all do...

... sometimes we need little gravity to get us through the gravity.

4 out of 5 riders agree...

... PEDALindustries gloves and socks are the best in the world.

What are you waiting for... 

... look at that deal up there ^^^^^^


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Perfect conditions in Park City

Found my friend Jess Cerra's bars at the shop on the mountain

Expansive views abound.

We've been coming up here for 20+ years to ride in the summer... I've never seen lines like this, so good to see! (no lifts for me today, but they are great for all levels)

Things can get a little frisky on the lift if you're not careful.



7 hrs 
Lots of pushups

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