THE AVAILABILITY OF SO MANY QUALITY GROUP RIDES make every Saturday a potential race day.  Or Sunday.  Tuesday.  Wednesday. Thursday.  Friday.  Somehow Monday remains the sacred day of rest.  I'm a ride hard twice a week guy, so it's Tuesday and Saturday for me.

Saturday is the day to change up the routine.  Sometimes is SHoP, others Food Park or CV.  Those I can ride to from home.

What's really fun is to mix it up.  Travel to the other legendary group rides:  Swami's in San Diego, Donut in South Bay, Montrose in Montrose, Simi up in Simi.  I'm sure there's one in Santa Barbara... better call Dave at Fastrack.

Why be grateful for all the associated pain?  Because that's where I've made so many lasting friendships.  Because it's a chance to keep the skills sharp.  Because it's a reminder for the rest of the week to take care of my body.

YESTERDAY WE STARTED WITH SHoP and connected onto CV.  Hartono was back visiting from Indo and wanted to go all the way up Silverado with the group.  That's a hunert miles, many of 'em very fast.  Plus about 6'k of vert.

Our full pockets were empty by mile 70.  Gas station to the rescue.

Thank heavens they aren't mere filling stations anymore.  I'd been dreaming about Dr. Pepper and a Snickers all through the long, false flat Santiago Canyon.  The other plus is that unlike a grocery store, you can see your prized bicycle the entire time.  Oh, and, they have toilets.

Most of the time, someones got cash...
and someone doesn't...
Group Rides and Gas Stations...
Good Friends.

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