WELL, I DID IT.  Pulled the trigger on a gravel bike.  Broke all my rules of not getting a bike the same color as the one it's replacing, etc... because, I've never had a gravel bike.  My friends all tell me this is going to change my life, but they won't be explaining it to Surfergirl.

I had to... right?!

First, it's going to change my life.

Second, we sponsor The Hardman Invitational and this year I'm doing it.

Third, the next HUNKR, in November, will be a gravel event + 3 more in Twenty19.

But, it's not really "gravel". 

Technically, I believe, it's mixed surface:  some pavement, some dirt trails, some gravel roads.  Being a somewhat mixed up person, this should be right my alley.  

Evidence:  I picked up my orthotics today.  Doc, should I get a second pair for my MTB shoes?  What do most people do?  Todd, most people just ride road.

Will this bike change my life?
I dunno,
Some bikes are powerful talisman.
Is yours?

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