YEAH, I LIKE MY TED NUGENT SLOW AND STEADY, LIKE A STRANGLEHOLD... and that's exactly how I feel when I'm planning out my race season.  Month by Month.  Week by Week.  Day by Day...

... until I'm ready to do the deed.

There's just a helluvalot of confidence to be gained by having a long range plan and checking off the boxes of what needs to be done each and every day.

I'm not a killer...

... just methodical.  disciplined.  patient.

A friend once told me, You give me 10 weeks and I can get you in shape for anything...

... and I believed him.  put it into practice.

I plan out my base weeks.

The building intensity weeks.

The race specific training weeks.

If you've never treated yourself to the awesome pleasure of having a Hugh Jass calendar just for yourself, with your important dates now's the time.

If you have experienced the magic of doing the impossible because you planned for it, there's no time like the present.

Trust me... forget that... watch this highly education video:

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163.6 lbs
7.5 hours sleep (sometimes ya just gotta ride twice)