IT'S 650AM, SUB-40 DEGREES, FOGGY AND WET... I'm smartly outfitted in what some might consider pajamas.  I'm also late.  Going full gas.  Railing the turns.  Jumping curbs.  Shortcutting through ShoreCliffsElementary.

If I don't catch the crew at 705, I'm... How do you say in this country?...  Ehscrewed!... chasing 20+ miles, just to catch the even faster group.

So started the first 70 miles of my ride... of which I felt absolutely fantastic.

I'd woken up with pleeennnnnty of time.  PLENTY!.  530AM.  But, I was so groggy I completely lost track.

There was one thing I did right.  I got that darn PR Lotion on, and thick.  No, this is not a commercial for that magical potion... but, it is  a tiny lesson for me to check the source.

Last night I was skimming YouTube and noticed I had a few notifications.  One was from Tony and it was a nasty review on my review of said lotion.  It really bugged me, because I have shared the product with so many people and all results are 2thumbsup.  I tossed and turned all night, which is probably why I woke so early.  Then I had this genius idea...

... is he even a customer of ours?


I'll leave it at that.

Anyway, that first 70 was pretty magical.  I felt really good.

There's a longcut on the ride called Old Mojeska.  It's a real kick in the teeth, coming after a lot of climbing.  Few do it, though I sell the hell out of it any time I do the ride.  It's very, very steep. 

It's smack in the middle of a 17.25 miles stretch with 2000' of climbing, called RR-Old Moj-Silverado.

I knew I was going good, and I'd done my best to surf the fast guys to the longcut.  Most of them went straight to regroup at the big oak tree.  I turned right with 2 bravecourageous souls.  We hit it as best we could, dropped down the other side... little Rayan, can't weigh more than 110 lbs, struggled to keep up on the decent.  We came around the corner, saw the resting group taking a smoke break... and I dieseled on.

They eventually caught me, and we worked hard to finish the last big climb of the ride.

I PR'd it!

But I don't want you think this is a commercial for PR Lotion... because there's a tiny lesson for you my friend.

All that climbing?... I felt strong and connected.

So get if you haven't already drop and give me 20!... seriously, do your push ups and pull ups.

Because even if you do succumb to my Jedi marketing tricks and in a moment of weakness purchase PR Lotion...

... you're still going to be a weakling riding around looking like a T-Rex... and we can't have that can we?!

Friends don't let friends ride weak. 

Usually I insert some sort of promo code to go along with blatant sales pitch... but this wasn't blatant, it was just me telling it like it is.

You know what though?  I really like telling it like it is... if you buy the lotion this t-shirt will ship free - you just need to purchase them both and apply this code: PRsRULE

We do a lot that tellingitlikeitis stuff here:

Oh, I forgot to tell you how long and lonely the last 35 miles were of the ride...

They weren't!... because I fueled up, in remembrance of our Hawaiian Nana.


165 lbs 
Just stretching today
6 hours sleep

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