DO ALL OF US REALLY WANT TO PLAY GOD?  I dunno, but I do know I'd like to ride like a god.  Wouldn't you?  The question is...

... is the universe aligned with you?

Some say we are living in a simulation.  And, when something like the following happens it's proof that we are creating our own reality.  

Well, if this is the beginning sign me up.

Opened a packing slip today and the contact email for me was...

... godd@pedalindustries.com.



If only it were that easy...

... it's not, until you realize it's not.

Then, it's easy.

Want to go on a brief dive into a potential reality?  In the story of Adam and Eve, Adam wishes to return to the garden of eden.  He's nostalgic for his previous life of ease.  Only over time does he realize that labor is a gift.  To labor, to create, is to be like a god. 

So, we can be like children and wish for ease...

... or we can be like god's and work, create our best selves.

Ok, you can go back to sleep now.


Or, you can consider what a dear customer posted on our FB page...

... failing to plan is planning to fail.

If you're into planning there is nothing better than the Giant RaceDay Calendar™

And, they're still shipping for free.



7.7 hrs  
15 Pull Ups + 18 Power PushUps + 15 Heavy Squats
30 minutes recovery
60 minutes reading + Journaling