WE WANT TO CHANGE YOUR WORLD WITH MOD.  MOD is Made On Demand.  For you, that means no more minimum orders and no more long lead times.  Just go into the store we create for you and order gear as you need it.

Simple enough?


Where do you manufacture?  We make almost everything right here in the USA, most of it in sunny CA.

How long does it take?  Generally, production requires 3-4 weeks.  Sometimes faster, rarely slower.

How do we get our design going?  First send us your logos and any reference art - like current or previous jersey.  We'll take it from there.

How is pricing determined?  Together, we'll forecast with you the volume of products your team will purchase throughout the year then we'll set your pricing.  If you go beyond the forecast, we'll refund the difference to the early purchasers.

What is the minimum quantity needed to get going?  Just one item.  Need 1 jersey, order it.

What kind of materials do you use in your kits?  We use the finest Italian fabrics and pads, and the best YKK zippers.  

If you're ready or have questions, click here.

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