REVIEWING THE START LIST OF ANY RACE CAN BE DEFLATING.  Last year's winner is here, the previous year's winner is here, the cats you know are always good on RaceDay have been putting in the time...

... and then there's us.

If there are seeds of doubt, looking at the list is like adding water and sunshine.  Here, at the Cactus Cup, those seeds grow into giant saguaros whose prickly pads are waiting to embrace all who lack the discipline to control their thoughts...

... all that's missing is a pile of dung for fertilizer.

Which is exactly what those thoughts are.  Pure shyte.

In a race like this, 40 miles with a million turns and drops, 96% of us will be riding alone at some point. The other racers could be 30, 60, 90 seconds ahead and we won't even see each other.

We'll be solito.

With our thoughts.

Those damn seeds of doubt will be aching to sprout.

There is only one countermeasure I've found to be effective, remembering what helk I'm doing here.

Changing those feelings of What was I thinking? sure to arise on the start line is easy if we can just find a reason and a reasonable goal...

... one reason, one reasonable goal.

Protect them, viciously.

At all costs.

At the blistering start,
when the gaps start to open,
when we're all alone with no one insight...

... one reason, one reasonable goal...

... will win the day.

Of course there are other little tricks of the trade, like PR Lotion.

I know, it seems insane that a lotion applied before a race could make a big difference...

... but, at this point all of us here think it would be insane to line up without PR Lotion.


So, here's the dealio.

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The code is PRESSON


Of the 8 of us out here racing... we fared pretty well today.  Top 10 times, and only one busted spoke and scraped up knee.


? lbs
Stretch and HyperVolt