TODD BROWN tmwc registration

LOOK IT'S GIRLS, ON BIKES, IT'S PRISCILLA AND URSULA!  Yes, the girls are starting to do TMWC again.  I don't know if these are shake down runs for the unOFFICIAL that's coming up in two weeks or just coincidence.

Maybe it's because PureRide Cycles is putting up cash for the top 3 ladies?

But who cares?...

It's just great to have them join us for our little social ride.  They bring balance to the World.

We're gonna have some fun in 2 weeks.
CeeDub will be using his active chips to time us,
Bowl of Heaven will be feeding us,
and the winners will be getting new awards this year.

Ya never know... maybe you'll make it to Peter's video.


Ride with us: click for info.
Readers use "SAVE10" to save 10% on in-stock gear.

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