A REAL GIANT TAUGHT ME A VALUABLE LESSON.  It's not enough to be the biggest and the strongest.  That's not a guarantee of winning. 

This was laid out in the classic movie The Princess Bride.

Fezzik played by Andre The Giant - 7' tall, 500 lbs.
Westley - a normalsized Man In Black.

Fezzik: I just figured why you give me so much trouble.

Westley : Why is that...

[squashed against a rock] 

... do you think?

Fezzik : Well, I haven't fought one person for so long. I've been specialized in groups, battling gangs for local charities, that kind of thing.

Westley : Why should that make such a

[squashed painfully] 

... difference?

Fezzik : You use different moves when you're fighting half a dozen people, than when you only have to be worried about one

[falls unconscious] 

It's impossible to learn to learn to win a group sprint by yourself...
It's hard to ride single track with someone much slower...
No one can figure out how to draft riding alone...

... as the giant said, You use different moves.

I remember the first time a saw my friend in real cycling shorts.  Lycra.  Not just any short, they were red.

Outrageous I thought.

And held up by suspenders!

Now I wouldn't dream of heading out for a ride with anything but a supremely designed bib like this:

100% Italian fabric.  An anatomical chamois with multidensity foam.  Printed, but and sewn in our own California factory.


164.2 lbs 
8 hours sleep

TODD brown      888-308-0005      PEDALindustries

We specialize in custom gear - No minimums – 3 to 4 weeks production time.

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