WELL, IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE OFFSEASON... but there hasn't even been a season.  We're sposed ta be restin', but ain't been racin'.  And while the days are getting shorter, our ride is getting bigger and faster and funner...

... and I'm lovin' it.

To see the fellas and the ladies is such a joy.

This morning I could see 'em from farther away than last week.  Their powerful blinky lights a warning to drivers and a beacon to riders.  Follow me to fun...

30 or so Bs
18 As
4 Gravelers

... all taking over the school parking lot for a catchup moment of Hey what's ups?, How ya beens? with a few Damn bro, you're looking fits.

As the countdowns to heading out approach the energy changes, our choreographed dances of pedals and pain gets begins.

Now I'm writing this with the Temptations on repeat... that driving beat of Get Ready...

... we're getting ready for the day, our way.

A great big shot of endorphins to inoculate us for the trials that face us each day. 

Join us, and bring a light.

Personally, I run these day and night.  Front and rear.

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163 lbs
Stretch n Roll
7 hours sleep

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