IS GET BACK! THE BEST BEATLES SONG?  Get back to where you once belong!

I dunno.

But, I dig the beat. 

It's just a charger, a steamroller of a groove.  And that's exactly what I'm gonna need manana, bright n early.  So I'm playin' it on repeat while I get HVY MTL ready.

'Cause I'm getting back in the saddle for a long 'un.

It'll be day 3 of my 7 day challenge, and it's gonna - gotta - be the biggest of the 6 of 7 days I'm planning to ride.

 8k of climbin'... nearly all off road, on the gravel rig.

Nutrition will be the biggest factor determining when my body starts singing... 

Get back, Diesel

Here's how I'm gonna handle it:

Decent breakfast of fruit and nuts.

2 Scoops of GQ6 in 24 oz bottle per hour
1 Honey Stinger Waffle per hour
2 SaltStick Fast chews per hour

That should last me 6-7 hours... 300 calories/hour always bueno.

The waffles will be in my left hand pocket, 2 ziplocs with 4 scoops of GQ6 and a tic tac box with the salt chews in the middle pocket, phone and wallet in the right pocket.

Buy two of those, get the third free with promo code:  GETBACK.


165.2 lbs 
Stretch and Roll
7.5 hours sleep


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