I WAS NEVER MORE SURE OF THE NEED TO BREAKAWAY FROM BRITAIN THAN TODAY.  The Brits have a deep and romantic passion for long, long, long time trials.

They're proud of this.

They measure them in miles, not klicks.

From their governing body website:
Most races are at fixed distances (10, 25, 50 and 100 miles) or fixed time (12 and 24 hours).

10.  Okay, I've done a few of those on Fiesta Island... even nabbed a state medal once.

25.  I'm not TT'r, so that sounds longish.

50. Uh... no.

100.  Are you nuts?

Fixed time, 12-24 hours....

... well, I was thinking about that today as I headed out to do our TMWC group ride... by myself, because that's the thing do to at the moment...

What possesses the Brits to have such a fascination with said competitions? 
Why torture yourself so?  
Didn't Cav' start off doing those?
Or, Wigo?
Or, Froome?
Or, Thomas?

-> Insert sound of screeching brain cells here <-

If it's good enough for those legends, maybe it's not such a bad idea?

In fact, it turned out to be a pretty darn fun and hard ride. MikeZ entered the course about 30 seconds ahead of me. 

I passed him as quickly and definitively as I could.
But, that gap wouldn't grow. 

Then, he did the same to me. 
But, that gap wouldn't grow.

I made one final pass before The Wall.
But, that gap wouldn't grow.

... and that was okay.  It pushed us on.  Just having each other within 30 or so seconds made things a lot more funner.

Jorge saw our hi-jinx, went and gave it a shot and texted this

Who knows? We just might develop some championship grit if we keep this up.

There was one thing I was missing this morning, and that was my PR Lotion.  For sure, next week I'm lathering up.

I hope MikeZ and Jorge aren't reading this, and I hope you get out and chase some PRs.

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164. lbs 
50 PullUps
7ish hours sleep

TODD brown      888-308-0005      PEDALindustries


Here’s a quick update on things over here with regards to the restrictions we are under:

  1. We have answered the call by the government to support essential needs and retooled our workflow to help produce breathing masks medical professionals need – more info.
  2. All InStock Orders and Partially Complete Custom Orders are shipping from our Sales office.  I’m personally taking care of that.
  3. All pending Custom Orders and Pre-Orders are ready to print – this is 80% of the work.  As soon as we are allowed back online, these jobs will be completed and delivered.
  4. The design team is working remote and continuing to prep files for production once we are given the go ahead.

Stay safe.

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