I WAS A LATE BLOOMER.  And, it sucked.  My friends were big and strong.  I was small and weak.  They were fast.  I was slow.  They starred in the ball and stick sports, I scratched and clawed to play on a terrible tennis team.

How bad was it?

Well, picture this.  You're 16, just got pulled over for looking too young.  Not a big deal.  This is a big deal...

... you're in the hot tub with your pals - your pals!!!! - and the popular ladies and someone noticed you got no armpit hair.

Yeah, that convo just went downhill... not as quick as my arms dropped to my sides.  I tried to make it stop, then "remembered" I had to be home by midnight.

I was so embarrassed... and I was really hacked off.  

Swore I'd never hang with them again.  Made all kinds of promises to myself.  Slunk around school the next couple of days.

Anyway, eventually I grew a pair.  And all was right in the universe...

... until I borrowed my roommates road bike.

It was that fateful when I went for an 8 mile - 8 miles! - bike ride.  No, actually it was the next day when I took it without asking and went 12 miles... Yeah, that was the day I fell all in love again with bicycles.

I was still a skinny kid, but that turned out to be a good thing.

Finally there was something I could be kinda good at.

But the best part, which I had no idea of at the time, is bike riding and racing is a lifelong sport... all those ball and stick sports eventually wind up really hurting people.  And they get on bikes to rehab.  And a lot of 'em figure out this bike riding and racing thing is pretty cool.

I talked to a number of customers this week who are really excited to go and ride their first century.

And they're asking me how quick can they get their RaceDay Bags™, and what else will the need, and I realize how dawgawn lucky I am to do what I love to do...

... to make products I know will help make RaceDay better.

Like our changing poncho.  It's such a drag to try and change in a car.  The poncho is just so handy.

And this video is pretty entertaining.

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163.4 lbs
PullUps and PushUps
8 hours sleep