I GET THE IDEA BEHIND CAT 5:  Make people do 10 races with other novices before they move up.  But... in some cases it's just plain silly.

Take my buddy Cheyne.

He has won nearly every single race he's entered, including overall at last year's unOFFICIAL TMWC.  Most of the time he's riding alone off the front.  Saturday he went off the front, got a mechanical, chased back on and back off the front for an easy solo victory. 

So much for the let him learn how to ride in a pack first idea.  It's not much fun for him nor the rest of the 5s.

Surely there must be a better way?  Do we have a thoughtful official witnessing these guys and gals that can take a look and say Yeah, you're ready, move on up?

I can see where there could be gray areas that officials want to avoid.  I don't know what the bar would be, but winning every race you enter by a lot can't be too hard to distinguish.

Racers like Cheyne have often been riding in a group for a couple of years anyway and someone finally got them to do a "real race".  

Let's get them on their way to bigger challenges.