YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR, but this is so much more.

Darren looked back at me... You okay?

I wasn't choking, but it was a nasty and juicy hack.

Wouldn't go away.

I'm okay... just got some a the bar down the wrong pipe... coughing all over 'im n 'is bike.

Which reminded me of earlier in the ride when notyounganymore Tim shared this rhythmic jewel... which thou shalt not forget, ever.

Above the neck,
Ride like heck!
In the chest,
Get some rest.

To what doth he refer?

To thy desire to ride when thou hast a cold.

I know you... you'll probably get a cold - 'cause cold and flu season ads remind you to do that every year, I don't watch TV so therefore I am immune mosta the time. Anyway, back to you.

First off, if you feel a hint of cold coming on go get some Zicam.  Stuff works.

Second off, if you fell for the dumb ads and didn't get the Zicam immediately, well the cold is coming.  And, like all good little addicts you're gonna be tempted to ride... scratch that you're gonna ride.  And the cold will continue to run its course, probably getting worse.  And then you'll really be tempted to keep riding.

So repeat after notyounganymore Tim.

Above the neck,
Ride like heck!
In the chest,
Get some rest.

Post it on your team's place for posting things.  In bold!

And while you're posting things... remember we have gift cards...

... for your too-nervous-to-pick-something loved ones wondering what to get your very-deserving-self for the holidays...

... can't blame 'em, right? 

I mean, how do they know the difference between another cheap and lame and boxy and poor fitting jersey vs an absolutely stunning kit designed by pros like us and made from imported Italian fabrics right here our beautiful country?

Sometimes I feel sorry for the people that love me and give me gifts I don't deserve as much as they think I do... they want so badly to give me something I'm stoked about... and they know that's either got to be something cycling or surfing or a great book... but they have just no clue... so I get a gift card.

But, some years I have pity on them and just send a link like this...

... with a picture like this...

... because I want them to be successful in life.  And does anything say success more than giving a good gift and seeing our broadening smiles as we envision how great we are gonna look next year?

You might call this a rambling message, but I have executed a psychological Ginsu allowing you to cut to the chase multiple times.  Something I learned somewhere I can't remember while dreaming of really standing out in a crowd...

... and letting the world know, I stand for peace.

Do you?


165.6 lbs (I know, too much)
6.5 hours sleep (I know, not enough) (but, this was beautiful)

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