FOR SURE, I WANT TO WIN.... those are the final words from a Quinn Simmons interview regarding the famously ominous Unbound Gravel race.  Balance that with the words of previous winner Colin Strickland...

... Equally important to winning a big gravel race is HOW you win the race.

Quinn is riding with a pro teammate, Colin is adamant that gravel racing is NOT a team sport.

Who's right?

I'm going to go with Colin on this one.  But, that's probably because I prefer to race alone anyway.  I get what he's saying, that the history of gravel racing is one of individuals battling just as much with themselves over challenging terrain and obscene distances.

Yes... the essence of gravel is Rugged Individualism... 

: the practice or advocacy of individualism in social and economic relations emphasizing personal liberty and independence, self-reliance, resourcefulness, self-direction of the individual, and free competition in enterprise.

... I love the romance of that approach, no matter how much it denies the need for society as a whole to work, I just love that freakin' ideal.

Yeah, Colin definitely gets the nod on this one from The Old Diesel.

So much so that I we whipped up this design.


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