AFTER MUCH DEBATE WITH MYSELF, I've determined road pedals and shoes are better than MTB for my gravel bike.  Having previously determined gravel is a terrible name for a bike that will zip you quickly down the pavement or easily handle smooth single track it's not surprising this debate lasted a while.

If we referred to the gravel bike as a do-anything road bike, the choice would be obvious.

But, it wasn't.

A funny thing happened on the way to answering my question of which set up was better.

I was reminded of how much better the road solution is:  the shoes are lighter, the connection is much stronger. 

The real debate is when, if ever, should we run MTB shoes and pedals?  Unless we're hiking up Columbine at Leadville or some other terrible thing we've signed up for the answer should always be road.

Anyone want to debate that?

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