FINALLY GOT A CHANCE TO ROLL THE NEW MERZ "GRAVEL" BIKE.  I thought I'd go out for about an hour... start out with the Market Ride and peel off to hit some dirt.  That turned into a 3 hour ride... it's safe to say I have a new addiction.

After one ride, there's a ton I like and a few things I'm gonna change.

I used to say if I could only have one bike it would be a hardtail MTB.  Not any more, it would definitely be a gravel bike... a bike that you can ride on the road or on the dirt.  The road position on a bike is just great, and shredding dirt in that position is a hoot.

If you want to improve your road skills riding in the road position on dirt is awesome.  The fat-for-road-skinny-for-dirt tires require a smooth pedal stroke, specially when climbing out of the saddle.  Same goes ripping single track, it's just an absolute blast in the road bike position.  

How's it on the road?  Well, it's nowhere near as fast as my aero rocket.  But, I don't think that's the point of this bike for me.  It's just fine.  Plus, it's super comfy with the giant tire.  It's fun to get up on the sidewalk and jump off, to poach a little patch of dirt.  On, and the disc brakes are ace.

First thing I'm gonna change is the bars and tape.  The tubing is way to small and the tape is very slick.  I could see upgrading the wheels... but I'm gonna do my best to destroy these first.  

My friends promised a gravel bike would change my life,
based on a huge sample of one ride,
I agree.

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