I DON'T GET TOO MANY FLATS.  You could say it's a source of pride.  But, I've had two in the last month, which makes 4 in the last year.  Not bad.  One of the consequences of flatting so infrequently is my flat changing skills aren't so hot.

In the old days of mountain biking, flats were so common that simply being quick at fixin' would bump you up a couple of spots by then end of a race.

Road racing is too fast, and drafting too key for a quick change to save your race... except, last summer it saved my LoToJa... I guess if the race is long enough a quick change can still help ya.

Anyway, I flatted tonight.  I took out my phone to see if Surfer Girl would rescue me, but no answer.  The phone is protected by a Rokform case with a crazy magnet and I stuck it to the electrical box in case she called while I fumbled.

But, I didn't fumble.
I was pro again.
Didn't even need a lever.

Just ripped that out tube out, checked for thorns and glass, shoved the new tube in and rolled the tire back on with my bare hands.  

I was so excited and proud of myself I quickly jammed all my mess back in my pockets and happy-pedaled home.

Of course, as soon as I tried to upload I figured it out.  No need to worry: a black case on a dark green box, at sunset... no one would notice it.

That magnet, it's a source of pride too. 


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