MY FRIEND JEANA SENT ME THIS PIC with the words You were too fast!.  She was referring to my half my head missing from the image.  I wasn't.  In fact, I was working my way backwards from first to fourth...

... that's the truth.

I like the sentiment nonetheless because I was going a lot faster than I had gone the previous two weeks.  These short, 1 hour efforts are really demanding.  I rarely ever ride like this.  

Was I bummed to falter at the end, sure.

That's normal.

But, only a fool would focus on the scoreboard vs the positive results.

We're out for mastery, and as the great Leonardo DaVinci preached it's going to take...

... Ostinato rigore.

Stubborn rigor.

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7 hrs 
10 PullUps 20 PushUps
Stretch and Hypervolt

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