YA KNOW....... SOMETIMES IT'S BETTER TO STAY IN BED.  But, I never do.  Even when I get home late the night before, even when the ground is soaked, even when the Wahoo isn't charged...

... I charge out the door for TMWC.

And that soaked ground is always risky on road tires, right? 

I think the flats per ride goes up a million percent on wet days. I wasn't worrying about it this morning...

... getting a flat...

... because ya know, tubeless.  In fact, I've been consciously wreckless since going tubeless.  Purposely not paying attention like I did in my tubed days.

Psssssst psssssst psssssssssst.


Oh man, we got time to change it.

Not changing it, got this handydandy plug.

And I did have a handydandy plug.  Jammed it in the toobigtosealwithsealant hole, yanked it out, shot in some CO2.  Just like the commercial said, except the CO2 shot right back out.

I wasn't surprised. 

This is exactly what happened last time we experimented with the Stan's Dart system at the shop.  If the hole is too small, the dart head separates from the feathery things meant to fill the hole.  It's a big fail.

Luckily for me, Steve was driving over and stopped to lend a hand and a CO2 cartridge.  

The second dart I shoved more slowlier.  Then even slowlier extracted the dart shover.  Said a prayer.  Filled it up.  


I wasn't suprised.

It supposed to work that way.  

There is somewhat of an art to all these dartlike systems for patching a hole too gaping for sealant.  With the Stan's, if the hole is just barelytoobigforsealant the dart must be shoved in carefully.

Anyway, I sent the guys on ahead and turned around.  Figured it would be better to be close to home in case the system failed.  Rode for 30ish miles. 

It's still holding air perfectly now, hours later.

Even though you can see the feathery thingies, you really don't feel them when riding.  Part of the reason could be that this all happened on the BMC URS which has 20 millimeters of travel in the rear.

The temptation, when you're surrounded with new tires like I am, is to throw a new one on.  But, I think I'm going to really test this out for a few hundred miles.

It's good to practice flat repairs.  Tubeless or tubed.  Not too long ago, flats were things you got once a month, or more.  It was a skill every rider honed and could easily perform.  These days not so much.

Which is why I say Every day is RaceDay.  Especially today.  I got a little more practice with the darts and reminded myself to carry more than one CO2.  One could say this was a fortuitus time to flat:  not in a turn, not in a hurry, not in a race... a good time to practice.


It's still beanie weather, so you probably don't want this hat yet.  But, then again maybe you do.  Even if it's just hanging in the garage by the Zwifty set up.

According to our website, this hat sells for twentyfour dollars and ninety seven cents, which is such a weird number.  I don't know what we were thinking.  So just remember this...

25 bucks, delivered to your door.



164.2 lbs - not bad after 5 days on the road eating junk
20 PullUps 40 PushUps
6 hours sleep