JOHN BAILED BECAUSE THE RIDE WAS TOUTED AS ZONE 2 and too easy, which is exactly why I committed to go. You'd think by now we'd each know that when the boys are together Zone 2 is not Zone 2.  It's Zone...

... too freakin' fast!

I mean what were we thinking?

How could it be Zone 2?

We climbed over 10,000', in 60 miles, under 6 hours.

On dirt.

Yeah, a true 5 digit day - 10000'+

5 digit days are magic.

In advance, they seem insane.  While riding, it can be overwhelming to think about.  But as you bring it home and climb those few remaining feet a wonderful thing happens...

... not only didn't it kill ya, but ya feel damn fine.

Of course, the bonus is that your climbing ability takes a big leap forward.

A bunch of us are preparing to do the Leadville 100 and this was a perfect ride to start getting our bodies and minds ready.

Thankfully Chris was passing these out like candy.

I have turned a lot of people onto these, and I think we gained a few more believers today.

Take as soon a hint of a cramp is coming on.  I like to let them melt in my mouth.

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166.4 lbs 
7 hrs
Stretch and HyperVolt

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