IT'S A LOT HARDER SAID THAN DONE.  First things first.  Sounds so commonsensical.  Should be easy as pie.  But, it's not.  Much more difficult than...

... coasting down a gentle grade.

It's can be impossible, and I was reminded of it today.

I'd planned, planned!, to keep the momentum of waking up early that I'd started the week off with - due to the time change.  

Get up, do my reading, go for a spin, head on in.  

Buttttttt... I got derailed.  Overslept a teeence - like 10 minutes - which put me in the crosshairs of the almighty Honey, can you help me with something which lead to the Remember to do the...

... not to fear though, because the workday was slated to be very productive in the morning, with an easy afternoon.  Just had to stay the course and Rocky and I'd be out in time to take his new BMC MTB for some dirtripping.

Next thing I know... we've nailed a new promotional video - you're gonna love it, done a bunch a work, and met with CHill for his team's 10th Anniversary kits - we LOVVVE designing in person...

... and the sun has set.

My first thing, getting out for a spin... 

... has become no thing.

And that's the hard part about putting first things first... we must actually put them first.

If there's one thing I've learned, there's always more work to do... and if I put taking care of my health off to the end of day, it's soon the end of the entire day...

... and I want to have a lot more healthy days.

Which is why tonight I'll be digging deep with my Hypervolt.

You're probably wondering what that is... think of a thousand trained hands working out all the kinks in your overworked muscles.

How good would that feel?
How much better would your legs perform?

Promo code:  FIRSTTHINGSFIRST expires Sunday. 


30 PullUps/100 PushUps
8 hrs sleep
no ride :(