SO THIS MORNING, THE OL' WEATHER APP SAID CLEAR SKYS 'TIL 11.  I looked out across the horizon (we are on a hill and I can see 70+ miles when it's clear) and it didn't appear so good, but apps never lie.  Any hour in, and it's really coming down.

It wasn't the workout I wanted, but 'twas betterthen nuthin'.

Tonight, in between doing my pushup sets, I'm laying everything out for an early morning spin...

... even though the app says rains a comin' again.

I figure the app owes me, right?  And will pay me back with an unpredicted dry spell.

Who's to say if I'm being foolish or faithish by preppring, all I know is...

... luck comes to those who are prepared.

Part of my prep is picking out the right glove for tomorrow.

I've been using these gloves all winter, and I really like them.  Today, in the downpour the were perf.

Should you have a little faith in yours foolish, use this promo code:  FAITHISH


164.2 lbs 
100 push ups
6.5 hours sleep

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