IF WE HADN'T ALREADY FAILED TWICE LAST YEAR, I wouldn't be nearly as fired up as I am about next month's adventure.  Will we fail again...

... is it just an impossible ride?

Should you do it?

It's way too hard, way too long.  

You probably wouldn't make it.

You think you can ride 130 miles in a day...

... over mixed surfaces?

15000+ feet of climbing should shock you into reality...

... the final 2000' up a steep and sandy jeep trail.

Seems doable still?

What about a narrow ribbon of single track cut into the side of a cliff?

Leaving in the dark is easy,
does finishing after dark freak you out?

How will you carry all the food and water needed between only 2 stops?

Where are you going to find someone crazy enough to do it with you?  

You'll definitely want, and probably need a buddy.  We leave on time, and we don't wait.

Are you good at navigating unknown territory?

Can you fix a likely broken bike?

Still in?

Well, don't say I didn't warn you! 

We are a month out.

October 14, 2023

Starting at the shoreline of Dana Point... 

... riding on paved roads, gravel roads, degraded and abandoned roads, miles and miles of paved bike trail, a good chunk of single track...

... finishing in the mountains at Big Bear.

Check it out:





8 hrs
Pull Ups Push Ups Squats Nordics
20 minutes recovery
60 minutes reading + Journaling