I'VE BEEN SLACKING LATELY... not goingtofailure-ing nearly enough.

At my home gym today, I just kinda wallowed along.  Did the exercises until I was slightly uncomfortable.... couple of these, and a few of those.

I thought about my daily 20 pull up/60 push up thing and it occurred to me it was time to change it up.

Time to gotofailure.

For hecksake, the racing season starts next Saturday and I haven't ridden hard for months.

Sooooooo, whatdoesitallmean?

It means, Tuesdays and Saturdays are back on! 

No more hiding in the back.  

Get to the front.


Why not everyday?

Not productive.

What about my pull ups/push ups everyday?

Pull ups till failure Monday.  Push ups till failure Tuesday.  Leg stuff Wednesday.  Pull ups till failure or surf Thursday.  Push ups till failure Friday.  If I can still walk after an epic ride, more leg stuff Saturday.  Sundays?  Rest.

What is failure?  Well, it sure isn't one set and done.  It means going till failure, resting and doing 40% of my previous set, till I can't do more.

On the bike failure?  Riding up front like a boss.  Attacking often.  Getting dropped and chasing back on.

You know what Tom Watson, founder of IBM, said?  

You want more success, fail more often.

One failure you don't ever want to have is showing up at the race or ride without all you gear, which is exactly why I created the RaceDay Bag.

This text from my buddy Scott cracked me up... straight from his team meeting.

I actually tested and created the PRO RaceDay bag for his triathlon team... but, he's been focused on kids for a few years and hadn't seen it. 

And, I've been focused on creating something new.  So, if you're into new things...

... check this out:


7 hrs sleep
no ride today

Ride with us: click for info.

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We specialize in custom gear - No minimums – 3 to 4 weeks production time.


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