I TRY NOT TO SWEAR, OUTLOUD... it might be a dad thing, or just the right thing.  But, when I'm racing I love the F word...

... not that F word.

The adverb that follows Ride...

... FAST!

Faster is always better...

... to ride faster, isn't to hurry. 

Hurrying creates errors.

Fast is a result of practice.  It's reptilian.  It's reflexes.  And, it comes from practice.  From doing the right thing, over and over.  

As my good friend Olympic Champion Peter Vidmar says...

... Practice makes permanent...

... to which we say...

.... F' yeah, we ride fast!

Especially this guy, who just picked his new BMC Roadmachine... first new bike in years!

I probably could have taken a better pic of the bike, but I just couldn't get enough of that smile!

Don't check out the BMC... website... unless you're into Swiss precision and exceptional engineering.  

For sure do not go to their website if you're looking for a cheap solution.

And, in no way should you go to the BMC website unless kicking asst and going fasst is important to you.

In the meantime, we still have a few of these hats in stock.


Which you can have hand delivered to you from a friendly United States Postal Service worker in just a couple of days for less than the price of a new BMC bicycle.

Yep, that's the truth.

You can have that hat, for less than George's bike.




164 lbs 
40 PullUps, 80 PushUps, 50 Squat to Press
8 hours sleep