ENDURANCE SPORTS, LIKE OUR BELOVED CYCLING, REQUIRE A LOT OF ENDURING.  You already know this.  Just like you know the more you ride the deeper your reserves.  I was thinking how much riding style has changed in the last 5 years ...

... by adding an endurance hack to my quiver.

There was a time when I'd rarely ride out of the saddle.  I was a spinner, maybe more of a grinder.  Then I had an encounter with a coach who told me something unbelievable...

I want you do the Live Oak climb out of the saddle next time.

All 5 minutes?

As much as you can.


Because with your body structure you'll be more efficient.

I didn't believe her. 

  1. I could only ride out of the saddle for about 30 seconds at a time... and that was only when my back was tight or I just need a quick change of pace.  
  2. See number 1.

So I gave it a try.  Sure enough, my pace remained the same and my heart rate actually dropped slightly.

But, I was so weak.

That's when I read the Geoff Kabush's metric for mountain bikers... you've got to be able to do 50 push ups.  Concurrently, on an episode of Tim Ferris' podcast, Jamai Foxx said the only exercise that matters is pull ups. 

Naturally, I decided to combine their advice and start doing push ups and pull ups daily.  Those two exercises done regularly have made a huge difference in my riding.

Being able to climb for long stretches out of the saddle allows me to use my muscles differently.  Some get to rest a bit while others get to pitch and help for a change. 

Want to see how much push up and pull ups matter? 

Do a set of each to failure, back to back, when you're fresh.  Next time you come in from a moderately easy ride, do those exercises again. I think you'll be surprised at how much more difficult they are post ride.

Plus, there's nothing wrong with looking a little less like a T-Rex and more like a super hero...

... okay, that might be a stretch, but I'll bet you'll linger just a little longer in just your bibs before you pull on the changing poncho next time you're at the races.


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162.6 lbs 
40 PullUps 120 PushUps 120 squat presses
7.75 hours sleep