IT WASN'T UNTIL I PROMOTED A FEW RACES MYSELF until I really understood all the behind the scenes effort that goes into a race.  Here's how to tell if a race promoter is making any money...

... if you come away with a bad taste, and a million ways to improve it...

... the promoter is probably making out like a bandit.

But, if you come away thinking... 

Shucks, I had a blast and anybody could do that and make a fat living...

... well, that is exactly the promoter who is working night and day to make sure you and me have a blast on said day.  There are sleepless nights, countless hours of prep and worry and concern.  Umpteen fruitless sponsor meetings.  Spouses and friends that are tapped to pitch in with major - and I mean major - volunteer hours.

If by some miracle these saints who dedicate so much of their time, talents and energy manage to get some momentum and actually make a nickel or two...

... well, bygolly, give 'em hug and a hallelujah because they sure as heaven deserve it.

Such were my feelings after a wonder outing at the Cactus Cup, because I sureashelk had a wonderful time.

Can ya imagine doing all that then having Covid cut your registration by 75%?

So, if you're lucky enough to do a terrific event this year... track that promoter down, give 'em a hug and a thanks and get the word out...

... Helluva race at ____________!

And, if you're looking for a way to support these fine peeps.. then get one of the very fine RaceDay Bags™ or other gear we made for them.


 See ya there next March!


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Matt's Boots again
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