EACH DAY AS I SIT DOWN TO WRITE I SEE “ENTER TITLE HERE” IN THE BLOG SOFTWARE.  Sometimes the title hits me when I wake up, others on my ride, and a few exit my brain when I see that command.

Many of your ride titles this week on STRAVA have referenced the end of the year with accents like Great Year!, Mission Accomplished!, Made My Goal of X Miles or Y Vertical.

You inspire me.  Flicking through your posts, is always motivating.

Early risers who finish at dawn.
Mid-day lunch blasts,
Snowbound Zwifters,
Young parents getting it done after bedtime.

Squeezing in the rides from Monday to Friday, often alone, staying fit and sane.  Weekends turn into rolling meet ups and life updates, and occasionally legs are ripped off… but, what are friends for?

I ride alone often, mostly on the “easy” days, at a ponderous pace.  This is precious time to reflect on how our kids are doing and if the trophy wife is becoming a bike widow (this has been a super selfish week – so yeah, guilty).  It’s also time to think through what I’m reading… and I read a lot.

This year I read more to learn than be entertained, and I think I’m better for it.  Here are the top 4: Basic Economics.  It’s a giant book that breaks down how our economy works and why it is so efficient vs a centrally planned economy.  I read two autobiographies:  Steve Jobs and  Walt Disney.  These books helped me better understand creativity and the importance of perfection.  The most profound book of the year was A Short History of Nearly Everything.  It’s hard to put into words the effect this book has had on me.  Let me try in one sentence:  whether we are here on Earth by chance or providence, our being here is fragile and miraculous.

There are a lot of good titles out there.  What’s your favorite?


Save the dates:  HUNKR 3/17, 6/9, 11/10 – TMWC 7/10


For those who prefer to watch