IT ALL STARTED NICE ENOUGH, like the dueling banjos of Deliverance.  Just a couple of yahoos on the front of the group half wheeling each other, egging each other to sprint it out... only thing is we weren't a sprinting we was just hustlin up the road to catch the B's.

But those yokels kept at it.

From light to light, corner to corner.

And The Old Diesel started to get a little tuckered.

Soon 'nuf, the ride's over and we've all gone our separate ways and I'm slogging along all by my lonesome... like that feller whos wonderin what jus happend?

Only it goes back a few months now, maybe... years?

Whenthehell did I go from hungry hound out for the kill to some hootenanny wheel sucking his way to mediocrity?  

Is there a worse feeling than this... than the feeling that ya just spent the whole, entire workout on the defensive... playing it safe... on a group ride!  Fer crying outloud... that's a shame is what it is.

It was those damd dueling banjos... those young guns hitting it hard at every opportunity.  

To which I can only say one thing.

There's gonna be some pig squealing next week.

But, there won't be an chain squealing because I've found me a new wax based lube that I luuuuuuuv.


The thing I like about this lube... besides the fact that it's a wax, because I love waxbased lubes... it lasts a long time, and the bottle is just perfect.  The nozzle is about the same width as a chain link.  I just rest it on the chain and hit each link one at a time and it seems to drop just the right amount to coat each and every link.

If you haven't heard of Wend here's the downlow.  This product is created by Ryan Dahl who's family owns the largest surf wax manufacturing company in the world, famously known as Sticky Bumps.  Ryan is the bike racer in the family, and he used the company's resources to develop this top notch product.

I know it's cliche to say made by bike racers for bike racers... lame!... but it's not... it's made by surfers for bike racers... and we all know crosspollination is where it's at!

Use promo code:  WEND


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165 lbs
Stretch and Roll
7 hours sleep