IF YOU CAN GET DROPPED LIKE THIS, DO IT!  It's so stinking fast and fun.  I resisted forever, because it seemed like an awful idea.  But, it's not.  You'll be PR'ing and Cupping as soon as you get dropped.

My neighbor is a fireman, and he looks like SuperMan and he's married to WonderWoman... oh, and he's super fast downhill on a MTB.  So, based on his good looks and awesome wife I take whatever tips he has.

Todd, I have dropper that would fit your hardtail.

But Matt, I'm a weight-weenie XC dork.  Besides I'm pretty fast.

No you're not.  You need this post.

Okay, here's a hundy... I want it back if this doesn't work.

I had one of the first droppers back when I was racing SuperD.  Even at a meager 4" drop, it was an unfair advantage.  A game changer.  But, now I'm said leg-shaving XC dork.  Why would I want a dropper.

Well this isn't just any dropper.  It's hydraulic, made  by Bontrager for downhill and enduro racers.  It really drops... a full 150cm.  When I first hit it I felt like I was riding a kids bike.

The first ride was weird.  I'm used to leaning on my seat in the turns but the seat is so far down I don't feel it.  I'm also used to hanging my buns off the back on the super steep stuff (and wondering if I'll get stuck back there) which really unweights the front wheel. 

But, I got used to it quickly.

Now I LOVE it.

It's revolutionized my riding. 

I'm flying down stuff, PRing and big Cupping the sections.  It's so much more fun.  The bike is much more balanced because my center of gravity is so low.

Wanna go faster?

Get dropped.


Save the dates: HUNKR 6/9, 11/10 – TMWC 7/10

170.8 <-rain-related weight