THERE'S THIS WEIRD THING THAT ALWAYS HAPPENS WHEN AN "A" RACE GETS CLOSE.  I don't know if it's the pressure I put on myself or if it's focusexhaustion.  But, it's real.  And, I must deal.

Am I weird?

Yes, Old Diesel... you are weird.  We all are, and we love it.

Oh, that warms my fit and strong heart.

So, here's my deal... I just don't have the fire to get out and ride as the A race approaches and gets more and more real.  The rides seem like drudgery.  It takes conscious commitment to go out and do them...

... but, I do go out...

... and guess what?...

... once I'm out there, within a mile or 5, I'm in the groove and wanna ride all day.

Why is the Sagebrush Safari an A race for me?  


  • The fastest guys in my age group are gonna be there
  • The course is fantastic, and while I will lose big time on the opening 7 mile climb
  • The descents are ALL perfect for T.O.D - fast and flowy

... "So, you're saying I've got a chance"...

And that's the kind of thinking that gets The Old Diesel fired up - shootin' smoke out the pipe.  The fact it's hardly a given I'll do well, but that I have a chance.

I love that.

When we were young and just getting started SurferGirl found this song, Don't Disturb This Groove.  She played it over and over.  On days like today, it's on my mental sound track.  It just pops up and reminds me...

... once I'm in my groove...

... their ain't no stopping...

So I grab a kit that matches the groove of the day.

Today it's this kit, because Sagebrush Safari is right on the Mexican border... and while it's too high for cactus blooms, there will be plenty of soul searching in a race like this.


This is a limited edition kit, and we have not yet hit our 100th kit.

Use this promo code: MYGROOVE ... and the matching socks and t-shirt are free.


163.6 lbs 
7.3 hours sleep

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