I'M CURED.  I'LL NEVER EAT ANOTHER DONUT.  I'm always amused at the interactions when people find out we're spending the morning riding 100k, stopping at 10 incredible donut shops along the way.

How much weight will you gain?

Why would you eat all that junk?

... questions those who do the tour know are irrelevant.  But, I'll answer them for your via my anecdotal experiences:

No weight will be gained because the appeal of sugary goodness has diminishing powers.  Plus, while 100k was the quest... I rode more like 150k (80 miles 'mericans).

You eat that junk first because we skip it all season long, you eat "all" that junk because as I mentioned my sweet tooth lies 6' under at the moment.

What other benefits are gained on such a ride?

Well, the pace is tranquil and long and we all know LSD is the way to grow capillaries, right?

We end up actually learning where the best shops are and what their specials are.  For example, someone told me South Swell was awful.  However, I found their chocolate cronut to be amazing... always ask the server for recommendations

But, the best is the people you meet along the way.  The interwebs spread the gospel of TdD and beguiled new faces.  At a minimum we enjoy the novel company, and more likely we'll ride together again.

My top 3 donuts

3.  Chocolate Cronut at South Swell, Laguna Beach

2.  Bacon In The Sun at Duck Donuts, Irvine (these are made to order)

1.  The Smoked Apple Fritter at JD Flannels, San Juan Capistrano.

6:15... and we're rolling from Kelly's Donuts


Keep your helmet and glasses on... that sugar is gonna build and make you unstable.

Flirt of the day

The ferry to Seaside Donuts was a nice touch... what a morning!

At this point we're buying communal donuts and just breaking off pieces.

Rob's glove covered in powdered sugar from his french toast donut at Duck.

We're down to 4

I thought Sidecar donuts would be the most expensive... but no

But no, the most expensive and the best was the $4.75 Smoked Apple Fritter created by this guy and his team.  A-Ma-Zing.



163.4 lbs
6 hrs

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