LOOK, I DON'T KNOW THE ANSWER FOR SURE TO IF BRAD PITT RACES BICYCLES, but do you ever notice how actors seem in public like their most recently played character?  We aren't any different...

... at least I'm not.

In the height of the Froome era, I saw a lot more cats climbing seated with underfed and underdeveloped arms stabbing out.  

It doesn't have to be TV, could be the local race scene.  When I first started, the fastest cat rode with knees pointing straight out.  So, that's what I did.

The personality most dominating our view casts a huge net into how we see ourselves on the bike, and how we handle our ponies.

And, it's not just their racing style.

The team kits too.

Pre-Sky, there were very few teams kitted in mostly black.

These days, the pro peloton is filled with white shoes and white socks.  Guess what's the rage 'round these parts.

I'm not passing judgement, just making an observation.

What we consume matters.

Whether we admit it or not, we take on the characteristics and habits of those we lionize.

As the racing scene is opening back up it's time to think about hanging out again.

There's nothing better than a team canopy to send a signal of who you are and what you represent... as well as where y'all are congregating.

If you're needing a complete canopy or a new top...

... or want to dress up your bike rack...

... give me a shout.  This month you can save up big dollars on canopies and banners.

Who knows, maybe we'll pro up your hang out and some superstar will hang out with you and your posse.


166.2 lbs
Stretch and Hypervolt
8.5 hrs