AT DINNER WITH THE FAM TONIGHT, I asked What was your most memorable Christmas gift?  The kids are adults now, I was curious what they'd answer.  I knew exactly what mine was...

... the moment the words left my mouth.

What surprised me however, 
was Surfergirl's answer.

My bike, it definitely wasn't new, and I didn't care.  It was freedom, we'd roam the streets of Kailua, and all to go the donut shop on Saturday mornings.

That surprised me.

Not the donuts,
that tradition lives on.

Not the pre-ownedness,
it was humble times for the inlaws.

I've asked myself a million times...

What did she see in me then,
What does she see in me now,

... maybe she saw a kindred roamer?

Because, I was doing the exact same thing on my Stingray I'd painted dozens of times...

... roaming the streets and dirt lots with my pals on Saturday mornings.

Still am.

Oh, my favorite Christmas gift?

The red Schwinn Le Tour I drooled over when my mom's boyfriend took me to Fullerton bikes.  I imagined myself flying up the hills and traveling great distances...

... shocked me to see it with a bow.

Wish I'd kept it.


Our first grandchild has mastered the pre-owned Stryder bike his parents found on FB and is getting a pedal bike this year...

... who's more excited?


6 hours (not enough)
no strength exercises today
20 minutes recovery
120 minutes reading + Journaling