WE'VE BEEN DOING THIS SILLY CHALLENGE... some people straight up refuse.  I don't know if it's out of embarrassment or inability or if they are offended.  Today we had more takers than usual.  Anybody who walks in we ask 'em...

... How many pullups can you do?

Then we point to the pullup bar.

After the pullups...

... How about pushups?

Now before you ask yourself what the helk does that have to do with bike riding... let me just share the results.

3 Pullups - 40 Pushups

1 Pullup - 0 Pushups

10 Pullups - 0 Pushups

15 Pullups - 7 Pushups

Ok, now you can ask... What the helk does that have to do with bike riding?

Honestly, I'm not exactly sure.

But, I was thinking about it lately since more than a few of my friends have managed to fall off their bikes and get pretty banged up. 

Could it be they are weak? 

Pullups require a fair amount of hand strength, and tendon strength through out your arms and back.

Pushups require a lot of chest, tricep and core strength.

All I can tell ya is since finishing Living With A Seal and getting on this Pullup and Pushup kick ...

... I feel a helluvalot stronger on all my bikes

  • Out of the saddle climbing and sprinting
  • Steep descents on the local trails
  • Seated, technical MTB climbs
  • Bunnyhopping and other quick moves

Would this have helped my pals stay on their bikes?  I dunno, but it makes carrying in the groceries a lot easier.

I do sets throughout the day.  However many pullups, I do twice as many pushups.  I try and keep my form - no swinging on the pullups and shoulders as high as the bar; back flat and legs locked on the pushups, all the way down and all the way up.

Right now I'm doing sets of 7/14.  The goal is to do 5 sets of 10/20 each day, minimum 5 days a week.  I think I'll be able to do that by my birthday in April.

Steve installed a sweet bar in our rafters, and Chris wrapped it with the most excellent ENVE bar tape.  

It's so grippy and soft.

Just what you'd want on your handle bars.

If you're looking for some super sweet bar tape, here it is.

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35 PullUps 70 PushUps 
8 solid hours sleep