WHEN WE LIVED AT THE BASE OF SADDLEBACK, I'd roll out early and do the 35 mile loop by myself.  The summit is 5600' higher than home.  It was not uncommon to go hours without seeing a soul.

Completely confident.

No cell service.


It didn't seem like a big deal...

... perhaps it should have, two competent adult men have been killed in the area in recent years.

One by a cougar. 

One by a storm.

At the time, I always went with a prettygoodsize pack:  100oz of fluid, plenty of bars, tubes, tools, spokes, space blanket, rattle snake bite kit, whistle, windbreaker, beanie, warm gloves, zip ties, duct tape, very sharp knife, matches... and a kitchen sink for good measure.

I could, and still can, do nearly any trailside repair.  It's not nearly as necessary now, the equipment is so much better.

There's a certain confidence knowing you can take care of yourself.  You know it.  Those around you know it, too.  You're in the pictures, where others only see them posted later... wondering why they weren't invited.

I wish I had our new KOM jacket back then.  It's much lighter and packs up much smaller and fits snug vs the old parachutestyle windbreaker.

When it dips into the 30's the KOM jacket is the ideal outer protection to wear over a base layer, jersey and arm warmers.

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