TBH, WE WERE GOING TOO FAST TO SNAP A DECENT PIC THIS MORNING... and, well, I'm kinda embarrassed.  Every now and again I'll do a ride invite, post it here and there, say all are welcome, then put in a little disclaimer like this...

While this is being touted as casual... it wont' be. No waiting, no lollygagging. Well over 5k of vert. Plan on 3.5-4hrs. Be prepared to find you're own way home.

For some reason, I was expecting 10-15 guys to show up and ride with us.



Was it something I said?


Now why would I go and say a think like Be prepared to find you're own way home?

Was it selfish?


Was it mean?


Was it honest?


Was it freeing?

Also, yep.

We got after it early and hard.  And even though the Wahoo was in the back pocket I was prittydarnsure we were flying.  Before long, 4 became 3.

I knew this was going to happen even though we'd done a pinky swear to takeiteasy.  Which is why I had the disclaimer.

Now the very best thing about a disclaimer like that is..

nobody's gonna get rut hurt when they get dropped and left fer dead
nobody's gonna come ready to slay and be bummed waiting all day

Still... it woulda been fun to start out with more boys and girls, get strewn across the mountains and share a Coke after.

Is there anything more American than that?

Maybe this...

It was designed by the everawesome Shelby a while back, and I like to rock it often.  I have a hunch I'm not alone...

... so, if ya order before end of day on Monday the 28th, and you use...

promo code:  PATRIOTIC

... then we're gonna throw in something special with your kit order and deliver the kits by the end of October.

Every dollar spent gets you an entry into -> Ultimate RaceDay Bag™ Giveaway


162.4 lbs
Stretch n Roll
6.5 hours sleep

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