I'M FASCINATED WITH AI, not that I'm using it much, more with the implications of what it means to be human.  And the question...

... do we have an operating system?

For example, just yesterday bombing Coal Canyon, a rough and tumble dirt road, on gravel bikes it was clear....

... some of saw a playground, others saw a torture chamber.

From an OS perspective, I think it's pretty clear we see what we want to see.

  • I wanted to see clean lines and the fastest way down
  • Others, moving much slower, could only see the jagged rocks and harsh terrain

Can we control that or are we born with it?

Consider the Troxler Effect.  

Stare at the red + sign above, and you'll see blue dot's randomly disappear and reappear. 


Some say it's our Operating System no longer rendering them because they aren't novel.

I suspect something like this is happening when we bomb a mountain.  

Some of us can focus on the red + sign - the clean line down the mountain - while others are trying to take it all in and remember all the danger points instead of editing them out like the blue dots.

If we are focused on the red +, the clean line, we don't need to render all the blue dots, the dangers...

... which frees up processing speed for us to go faster, and safer.

If this is true, that it is just an OS issue, can we improve that...

... rewrite our code and go faster?

I think we can, especially when we are young.  And, I think the best way to do that is not to go as fast as possible all the time but to go slow and be playful and  assess the options and pitfalls in slow motion...

... then speed that up.

Which brings up the question of what is happening as we age?  

Why do we slow down over time?

I don't think it's the OS as much as it is the hardware, the gray matter, not being able to process as quickly and efficiently as it once could...

... take in the data and send signals to the body.

What does this really have to do with ripping on raceday...

... I'm not sure.

But, I never thought about this before observing AI.


164.9 lbs
7 hrs
No strength work
10 minutes recovery
120 minutes reading + Journaling