COMFORT FOOD... is there a bigger lie?

After nearly a week with family celebrating the life of a loved one, I'm a bigfatpig... and it's my owndarnfault.

Comfort food was abundant, mass quantities everywhere.  

When I woke up this morning, finally back home, I waddled to the scale. Ugh!  5lbs in 5 days.  

It got me thinking about the old miserylovescompany thing... and is there anything more miserable than climbing with blubberstuffed bibs?

Of course, some would like company in such moments...
... but, not me...
... heck no...
... leave me alone, with my own thoughts of whattheheckwasIdoing?

I'm sure there's some sort of championshipthinking of paying the price today for victory tomorrow, you know a valuable life lesson summed up in a few choice words... but, let's just be honest... it ain't comfort food, it's...

DisComfort Food

Rant concluded.

The good news is, there's nowhere but down from here.. and if you're down with that then you're probably also down with joining the PEDALposse.



167,6 lbs 
6 hours sleep

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